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A Bucket List for Parenting

What must you do with your children before they leave you? Mason turned nine a few months ago and I suddenly realized the “mommy” part of my job was halfway through. From the Huffington Post: Introducing the “Before They Leave … Continue reading

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The SocMonkey Award for Outstanding Comment

Reader Shane sent me this message late last night: I just saw that you’ve shortened SocraticMama to SocMama. Makes me think of SocMonkey! : ) (I love sock monkeys) Shane It had occured to me, too. See if you follow … Continue reading

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Jim’s Stuff

Meet my new friend, Jim. I went to a party last night hosted by one of my freethinking gay friends, so naturally I met a lot of new freethinking gay men, like Jim. JIm and I are about as different … Continue reading

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It was the work of an angry god…

If you got a “pharse” error earlier today it was the work of an angry god. SocraticMama is back up after a brief crash. Whew. We are busy working on the “feel” of the site and need a bit of … Continue reading

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Say Goodbye to Phaenarete…

Phaenarete was the original “Socratic Mama.”  I’m sure she was a lovely and admirable person, but she has long since passed away. Today I am dropping the pseudonym. Why? Because I am a modern woman. When I began SocraticMama I … Continue reading

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