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Secret Book Club Meets Today (now…)

I am about to set up the chat box for the Secret Book Club. Please stop by during the next hour and say, “hello.” We will be discussing Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder. I will also ask what the weather is like where … Continue reading

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Morality without Religion (with plenty of chimps)

TEDxPeachtree – Frans de Waal – Morality without Religion: Human morality is older than our current religions, and may go back to tendencies observable in other mammals. In a bottom-up view of morality, this talk is one man’s road to … Continue reading

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Improvements Coming to SocraticMama Soon

Waiting, waiting, waiting… Have you noticed that SocraticMama site is slow? Have you ever had problems logging in? Are you ready for a solution? I’m really sorry, but something seems to be corrupted in the SocraticMama WordPress flies. I think … Continue reading

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She didn’t do it. Mason was too scared to deliver the heart-shaped box of chocolates to the Casanova of fourth grade. After school she collapsed in sobs in my arms. In the end, the fear of rejection had been too … Continue reading

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h/t: Michael Fisher

Thank you notes have always been hard for me to write because my vocabulary rarely matches my gratitude. If the favor is especially thoughtful, the less eloquent I become. And when it becomes necessary to thank someone who is naturally … Continue reading

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