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The Aggie Joke that Could Send you to Hell

I like Aggie jokes. They’re funny. How many Aggies does it take to eat an armadillo? Two. One to do the eating and the other to watch for cars. Classic. What’s an Aggie? Someone who goes to Texas A&M, the … Continue reading

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Girls and Boys

The key to developing articulate, thinking children is asking good questions. Listen to this father. He is a master Jedi. Sometimes it is important to “go with the energy.” Who knows why little Dustin loves toilets, but I applaud his … Continue reading

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Time to Think

Question: What does biomimicry, solar panels, and the Fibonacci sequence have in common? Answer:  A thirteen year old intellectual cutie pie named Aidan.   Aidan is just one of twelve winners of the 2011 Young Naturalist Awards given by the … Continue reading

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I wanted to name this blog, but SocraticMama was shorter. Critical thinking is a hot topic in education, yet schools are very poor at teaching independent thinking skills. It isn’t really the teachers’ fault. A large classroom simply isn’t … Continue reading

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The Emperor Has No Clothes at

Thank you for being here at the birth of this blog.  It is amazing that SocraticMama has been live only since October 21st and there is already a strong subscriber base.  On the first day, when Dr. Jerry Coyne announced … Continue reading

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