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I’ve had popsicles on my mind for the past week. As you remember, Mason had a huge success with her door to door lemonade stand, but there was some lemonade left. Always clever, Mason made lemonade popsicles. We have a very … Continue reading

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Monday Monkey Mayhem (Gorilla lured by iPhone- How-To Demo!)

Make your next trip to the zoo one you won’t forget. Watch the amazing footage this guy was able to catch with just his cellphone and an eight dollar mirror! Truly, this is so simple you can put a “gorilla … Continue reading

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Every Mom’s Nightmare…Germs

But these are beautiful. aspergillus fumigatus botrytis mucor trichoderma cladosporium When my daughter Mason was in preschool I bought a set of petri dishes. They are really cheep and easy to use. We talked about what things might be ‘dirty.” … Continue reading

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Happy, happy fruit math thing

Finally, math I can sink my teeth into! h/t: Michael Fisher Blog this! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Tweet about it Tell a friend

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How a Five-year Old Sees Brands

This is both adorable and frightening at the same time: Now, if you have a little monkey at home try this… Turn the sound down and play the video and ask your child to do the same activity. h/t: Michael … Continue reading

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