About me

Hello, this is the page where I tell you about myself and hope you like me.

The first thing you should know is I like to read.  I also like science, art, and drama. I like really big numbers, but I don’t understand them.   I like kids and being silly, but sometimes I feel serious and that’s when I like thinking BIG THOUGHTS.

I think the meaning of life is to become wiser and to make life gentler on other people. I’m not the first to think that. Maybe you do, too.

My name is Anne Crumpacker and I used to be a teacher.  I have a very nice-looking award that says I was a good teacher which I hang on my wall.

Recently, I wrote an essay on how my daughter, Mason Crumpacker, met the author Christopher HItchens who was battling stage four esophageal cancer. You can read it in full here.  I think that the reason the post became so popular was that people were moved by Christopher Hitchens’s kindness to Mason and how he took care, despite his illness, to answer her questions seriously.  Their story inspired me to create this site- a place where ideas are judged on merit alone, where questions are explored, and where adults and kids can come together to puzzle about life’s wonders.

Socrates believed that the truth could be discovered by asking questions.

Are you willing to try?


This site is dedicated in memory of Mr. Christopher Hitchens.  Thank you for taking the time to teach us how to think critically and to question for ourselves.

SocraticMama is your home for critical thinking and secular parenting.