Harry Potter and the Outcasts of Hogwarts

Hello peeperinos of the internet! This is Mason. A couple of weeks ago, I happened to find this video on the internet. Ever since I have been bugging my mom to let me post it on her blog. I find this video very amusing and I hope you will to.
It also makes for a great video to show the Hitchlings.
But be warned!(It’s not very educational other than the fact it takes place in a school!

MiniMonkey ; )

P.S. comment if you want me to do more posts!

(see what I did there! Since this is a monkey themed blog I came up with a cute monkey nick-name for myself!)



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4 Responses to Harry Potter and the Outcasts of Hogwarts

  1. DocAtheist says:

    I certainly vote for more MiniMonkey posts! And, I love Harry Potter.

  2. Ian says:

    Mason, your pennance for blaspheming Almighty Harry, is to find out exactly which building in the UK was used as a model for the Great Hall at Hogwarts ;o)

    Other than that, fine!

  3. Anne Wallman says:

    Thanks Mason – I’ll be sharing your HP clips with my mini monkeys.

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