Welcome to Theurgy Thursday- This Week Featuring Professor Richard Wiseman

Magic, miracles, spirits, altered states of mind are the daily bread of priest and psychic. The heavenly mana of rabbi and rip-off artist. Milk and honey of Imam and illusionist.

The most powerful defense secular parents can give their children against magical thinking is MAGIC LESSONS! Think about it. Many world-class magicians are also well-known skeptics: James Randi, Penn Jillette, Jamy Ian Swiss, Banachek, Joe Nickell, and D.J. Grothe. Who have I missed?

On Theurgy Thursdays we will examine both hocus-pocus and hooey. A mixture of slight of hand, optical illusion, and just plain ‘ol baloney.

n. pl. the·ur·gies
1. Divine or supernatural intervention in human affairs.
2. The performance of miracles with supernatural assistance.
3. Magic performed with the aid of beneficent spirits, as formerly practiced by the Neo-Platonists.

We start with one of the good guys… Professor Richard Wiseman.

Click here for Richard Wiseman’s blog including oodles of optical illusions.

Question: I am finalizing the booklist for the Secrete Book Club. Would one of Dr. Wisman’s books be a good addition? Which one?

h/t: Michael Fisher

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  1. Justin Zimmer says:

    Illusionists and Magicians make the best skeptics because they are already trained in the art of deception, and thoroughly familiar with how humans can be deceived. Once you’ve made a few volunteers from the crowd act like chickens, you begin to understand what the Pastor/Priest is up to.

  2. Michael Fisher says:


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