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Harry Potter and the Outcasts of Hogwarts

Hello peeperinos of the internet! This is Mason. A couple of weeks ago, I happened to find this video on the internet. Ever since I have been bugging my mom to let me post it on her blog. I find this … Continue reading

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Part of Your World

This is one of Mason and my favorite songs. It is stuck in my head and I’ve been singing it in the car the past few days. (It’s probably best that you can’t hear me!) How do we let our children … Continue reading

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I’ve had popsicles on my mind for the past week. As you remember, Mason had a huge success with her door to door lemonade stand, but there was some lemonade left. Always clever, Mason made lemonade popsicles. We have a very … Continue reading

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Loverly Song, Loverly Sentiments

Nobody sings it better than Julie Andrews… Of course you recognize the tune from My Fair Lady. The original London cast paired Julie Andrews, as Eliza Doolittle a spirited Cockney flower girl, with Rex Harrison as Professor Henry Higgins, an avowed … Continue reading

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Morality without Religion (with plenty of chimps)

TEDxPeachtree – Frans de Waal – Morality without Religion: Human morality is older than our current religions, and may go back to tendencies observable in other mammals. In a bottom-up view of morality, this talk is one man’s road to … Continue reading

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