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Temple to Atheism or Temple to de Bottonism?

I don’t claim that you will hear it first on SocraticMama. Scooping the latest story is not my forte, so you have most likely already heard about the proposed “Temple to Atheism” that Alain de Botton is proposing. And, I … Continue reading

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Fruit Flies Don’t Like to Float in Space

Fruit flies raised in a simulated zero-gravity environment (top left) fared poorly compared to those raised under normal conditions. Their development was slower, females bore less young and crucial genes were affected. The weightless conditions were created using magnetic levitation, … Continue reading

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A Bucket List for Parenting

What must you do with your children before they leave you? Mason turned nine a few months ago and I suddenly realized the “mommy” part of my job was halfway through. From the Huffington Post: Introducing the “Before They Leave … Continue reading

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Do Big Cats Purr?

Ever wonder if lions and tigers purr? h/t: Michael Fisher Imagine the size of the hair balls! Yuck! Blog this! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Tweet about it Tell a friend

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Monday Monkey Mayhem

Thank you, everyone, for your comments regarding accommodationism. It really is a challenge to teach our children to be kind, loving and accepting while still being skeptical of juju nonsense. We have to teach them that not all ideas are … Continue reading

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