Monday Monkey Madness- Math Chimp Goes to Middle School!

I got a lovely email from “Harry Chimp” at Math Chimp with exciting news!

Math Chimp has expanded their collection of free math games to include games appropriate for the middle school math curriculum.

Math Chimp collects online math games from a variety of web resources and organizes them around basic math concepts. Just click on your child’s grade level and you will instantly have dozens of choices. If you create a free online account you can rate the games and Math Chimp will remember the games you have already played. Truly, it can’t get easier than that!

Plus, you have to love their site theme! Ooh ooh ooh eee eee eee aah aah aah! Now where’s my banana?

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Secret Book Club Meets Today (now…)

I am about to set up the chat box for the Secret Book Club. Please stop by during the next hour and say, “hello.” We will be discussing Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder.

I will also ask what the weather is like where you are today!


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Harry Potter and the Outcasts of Hogwarts

Hello peeperinos of the internet! This is Mason. A couple of weeks ago, I happened to find this video on the internet. Ever since I have been bugging my mom to let me post it on her blog. I find this video very amusing and I hope you will to.
It also makes for a great video to show the Hitchlings.
But be warned!(It’s not very educational other than the fact it takes place in a school!

MiniMonkey ; )

P.S. comment if you want me to do more posts!

(see what I did there! Since this is a monkey themed blog I came up with a cute monkey nick-name for myself!)



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Part of Your World

This is one of Mason and my favorite songs. It is stuck in my head and I’ve been singing it in the car the past few days. (It’s probably best that you can’t hear me!)

How do we let our children go so they can develop an independent identity? Does our need to protect and guide them interfere with their self-confidence?

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I’ve had popsicles on my mind for the past week. As you remember, Mason had a huge success with her door to door lemonade stand, but there was some lemonade left. Always clever, Mason made lemonade popsicles.

We have a very cheep and simple popsicle kit at home. They are so much fun to let the little ones choose the flavor—almost any juice will work or you can easily add chopped or pulped fruit for a light and healthy treat.

If you are feeling a bit more decadent you can try a Creamy Popsicle!


1 box Chocolate Fudge Pudding
6 oz. Plain Yogurt
2 tablespoon Chocolate Syrup
Mix pudding according to box directions then add and beat in the yogurt and the chocolate syrup. Funnel into Popsicle modes and freeze. Insert sticks just before frozen.
… or Vanilla!
1 box Vanilla Pudding
6 oz. Plain Yogurt
2 tablespoon White Corn Syrup
Mix pudding according to box directions then add and beat in the yogurt and the corn syrup. Funnel into Popsicle modes and freeze. Insert sticks just before frozen.
One of the most wonderful things about making popsicles with kids is that it teaches patience. Unlike cookies which are best straight from the oven, popsicles teach that good things come to those who wait!
Making popsicles as a child is one of my favorite memories of home. Do you have any family favorites? I know y’all down in Australia are in the heat of summer, why not give it a try!
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